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Version 2 Error Message

Important Information about iGo Figure Version 2:

We are aware of the error with “TopGun1” you are receiving and working on a permanent solution and will notify you as soon as one is available. These steps should enable you to launch the iGo Figure Version 2 program as a temporary workaround. Please complete these steps in this exact order.

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Launch the Version 2 application as normal, and cancel out of the error message.
  3. To launch the Login screen please click on your Start menu -> click on All Programs or Programs -> click on Go Figure -> click on Utilities -> Right click on Login -> Send To –> Left click on Desktop (Create Shortcut).
  4. Click on the new Login icon on your desktop. This step will enable you to launch your Welcome Screen after the program and main menu have been launched. If prompted for a password, please input your access password. If that does not work, try the owner password.

You will need to launch the application in this manner until we deploy a fix.

If this workaround does not allow you to launch the application and the Login Screen OR if you are receiving a different error, we are working on a fix that will alleviate the issue and will alert you ASAP.

Best regards,
Go Figure Support