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Managing my business with Version 3.6 is so much easier! Whether it is using integrated payment processing, pulling reports for setting business goals or entering product sales, everything is just a click away. Now I really have more time for my members. Thank you for this great product!
Judi, Florida
It’s a wonderful system! I love that there is a refund, customer account, and new measurement system. I also like that health problems can be red flagged and members can be identified by picture and name.
Suzy, Alabama
About the Software
Members love it and staff love it.
Jim, Waterlooville, UK
iGo Figure is one of the best pieces of software I've seen!
Narelle, Goulburn, Australia
I am excited to see Go Figure remain on the cutting edge of technology which allows us the ability to provide excellent service to our members! Thank you for your amazing program and continuing to remain on the cutting edge of the endless.
Josh, Oregon
I recently upgraded and got the EFT and credit card services. It’s awesome. The provided training materials with the software are just as great.... very helpful. Also the support I have received is great !!!
Jay, Texas
I love Go Figure and will not even think twice about changing to a different system.
Lindy, Arizona
I think iGo Figure is the best program ever. I have always had the nicest people help me when I call in to re-register. I can’t think of any other time I needed to call in, and I’ve had my club and Go Figure for 5 years now and not a single problem has come up with my program. I know iGo Figure by heart and that helps to make the work load easier when you know where every thing is with a click of the mouse. Keep up the good work, you have an amazing program and the most amazing, and kind staff.
Vicky, Minnesota
Thank you for a wonderful product. I love that it takes all of five minutes at the end of the month to run reports so that I can send in my projection sheet. You are making my life easier and I appreciate that.
Nancy, Illinois
About Training
I loved the webinar. It’s a great way to communicate what’s new with the software. Seeing it helps me retain the information.
Marci, Pennsylvania
I recommend on-site Go Figure training to every club owner and manager.
Becca, Tennessee
About Go Figure's Customer Service
I have always been very pleased with the technical support I’ve received. The technicians are very friendly, patient and informative. Great service!!
Kelly, Texas
My experience with iGo Figure Technical Support was the best of an PC or software support help desk that I have ever experienced. They were very professional and most importantly… patient with me!
Sydney, Minnesota
People at Go Figure are wonderfully helpful, well-trained, and patient with us “non-computer-geek” owners.
Amie, Pennsylvania
I think that [what] Go Figure has to offer us is better than anything that you could put together side-by-side.
Lynn, Multi-facility owner in Tennessee