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Keep Your Members:  Customer Retention Management with iGo Figure

Here's what actual members said about the emails they received from clubs using the integrated Retention Management service.

Member received a birthday email:
Dear Friends,
Yes, I'm a year older today but I feel much healthier too. Thank you for remembering my birthday! When this old body was screaming to stop, it was all of your smiles and hugs that kept me going. So to all of you terrific sisters of mine, Thank you.
Member received a Season's Greetings email:
You are so thoughtful! Wishing you all a wonderful holiday!
Member received a recovery email after not visiting for 4 weeks:
Thanks. Your email helped more than you will ever know… I needed that and promise to be there tomorrow.
I'll be there tomorrow (Monday) and it seems like you are the only people who care.
I am dealing with depression and just can't seem to come up yet. I am seeing a Dr.
See you tomorrow.
Hi, Am in Loma Linda with a daughter. Will be here for a while yet. …You are the best for worrying about me. See you in a couple of weeks or so.
Thank you all for caring. I have been ill and will return soon. I have decided to cut back on the many jobs I have and do something to better my longevity. Again, I thank you all for caring.
Thank you for caring! I promise I'll be back on track next week.
Thank you for the nice e-mail. I broke my toe and can't come in until it is better. See you then…
Member that just joined and received a Welcome to Curves email:
Everyone is so nice and I'm so excited to lose some weight. Please, please, please stay on me. Your willpower is stronger than mine… LOL!
Current member received a service introduction email:
This is wonderful. Thank You.
See you next week.
What a great idea!! I never seem to have time to read all the great information that Penny has taken the time to post on the walls. Much appreciated!!
Member that joined a month ago received an email providing usage support and tip to help make exercise a habit:
I joined a month ago and thought it would be tough to get these old bones in shape but your support and your amazing energy have made it easy and fun. I wish I had done this years ago!
Thank you… I am thoroughly enjoying my membership thus far (feeling great) and trying to talk my friends into joining me… You gals rock!!!!
Member had not been in for 2 weeks and received and that an email that read "Hope to see you this week and that you are doing well" along with a health tip:
Doing GREAT! Keep up the good work and thank you for staying in touch.
Member responding to the health tip included in their biweekly email:
Thanks for the input. I appreciate the information.
Member received a low usage message along with a health tip:
You guys are so cute. Thank you for thinking of me.
I'll see you on Monday (for sure).
Member received a regular user message and health tip:
These e-mails are great and I look forward to receiving them.
Thank You, this helps a lot.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Your caring email is just another reason why I love your gym!
This is really GREAT!!
Thank you,