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Release Notes for Version 3.8

Release Date: March 3, 2011

Top Enhancements

Enhanced Point-of-Sale Terminal functionality:
UPC barcode scanning to input during a sale or saving to inventory file.
Advanced POS Tasks including batch security and detailed reporting.
Optional Hardware Integrations:
  • Credit Card Swiper to input during a sale or saving to member record.
  • Cash drawer integration.
  • Receipt Tape Printer integration.

Other Enhancements & Updates

Custom prepay agreements can no longer be setup incorrectly to ‘auto renew’.
Default grace period can now be set at zero days for custom prepay agreements.
The grace period can now be edited for prepay agreements.
We have added a toggle to hide inactive agreements in the Agreement Dropdowns.
A non-current filter has been added to the agreements list.
Retention Management 3.8 Installer is now compatible on 64-bit Computers.
Member List now includes a “Keytag” column for easier searching.
The keytag field is now immediately visible from the member record general tab.
Old Credit Card and Bank Accounts can now be made Non-Current from the “Accounts” tab in Member Records.
The member selection grid and report now includes member phone number.
The member selection grid and report now displays members with zero attendance.
No-Sale List grid and report now include an E-Mail Address.
Supplements are now a default inventory category and are recorded on paperwork.
Payment Processing
Unknown response types received during transactions will now void and reprocess automatically.
Better excel exporting, cleaned up for most reports and now easier to read.
Attendance details by attribute report now integrated under Attendance Reports in the Reports section.
New “Phone Number” report.
New “Members Not Measured” report.
New “Do Not Contact” filter for Archived Member reports.
Enhanced “Top Losers” report filter to specify number of people.
Activity Audit report now logs even more sales-related activities.
Activity Audit report now has a date range filter of up to 90 Days.
An email list has been added to the member no-sale report and selection grid.
Register Name is now added to all sales receipts.
Support button is now integrated with our website for a faster response.
Improved system language translations.
Added Ukrainian to System and Member languages.
Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) have been added for the System Language and Member Language.
Welcome Screen
New Background Images for the Welcome Screen.

Fixed Issues

The Month-to-Month agreement now has a default grace period of zero days on new installs.
Fortnightly (Bi-Weekly) agreement billing issues have been resolved.
Several custom agreement billing issues have been resolved.
Business Defaults
Changes made to the Recurring Payment Defaults list on the Banking tab in Business Defaults will now save.
Issues resulting from changing accounts from Paper Check Draft to EFT’s have been resolved.
Collections history shows current members history instead of all members in the club.
Create Member
Assign two agreements to a no sale in New member wizard is fixed.
Employee Records
Employee timesheet clock in/out rounding issue is fixed.
Able to save an inventory item when an employee time clock is blank.
Member by Attributes shows members who have attributes already unassigned from them.
Membership tab now hidden during checkout following the New Membership Wizard to prevent issues.
Flag is displayed next to the member name in the Attendance panel when they have a weight and measure day +/-2 days from the current system date.
Centimeter measurements are fixed.
Traffic control sheets now display the reason for members that were set to cancel in the future.
Payment Processing
Improved pay processor failed and timeout responses.
Refund amount rounding in VAT is fixed.
Attendance reports will now display time in a 24hr format.
Column headers on Top Losing Members Overall and Top Losing Members reports now match the Measurements and Weights settings from the Settings tab in Business Defaults.
The Next Payment Date in Payments and Product Sales now defaults to “Required” instead of 23-Jan-2007 for pre-pay memberships.
Void sale permissions are now disabled by default at the employee and manager security levels.
Language updates for Dutch, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Known issues in Build 27.36

Twice a Month billing frequency does not save both dates correctly when certain dates are used during the new member wizard.
Yearly recurring payment term agreement doesn’t save the changed payment date.
Session based members do not expire on expiration date.
"Hybrid" prepaid/autorenew agreements that are broken in 3.6.29 and version migrated to will not be editable and existing member will have a blank grace period.
Banks and Towns
Non-current banks are still shown in on the drop-down lists in Business Defaults, Member Records, Payment and Product Sales, Custom Check Drafts, and the New Member Wizard.
iGoConnect Integrations
RM users will need the new RM3.8 installer to run the ‘transmission report’.
Sentenial users will require an additional tool to be installed.
Cannot save an inventory item with a blank UPC if an employee time clock number is blank.
Signing one member up for multiple memberships at once causes some Paperwork numbers to be inaccurate.
Global Banking change warning needs to be removed when making a bank account inactive.
Members with a birthday of Feb 29th will throw an error when you click on their name in Attendance Panel.
Membership conversion can only use each type once.
Existing employers selected from the Employer drop-down during the New Membership Wizard are not saved on the Personal Tab.
Editing the amounts for future drafts in the Payment Schedule does not adjust the amount for taxes on the dues.
Changing an active recurring membership that is in contract from the payment frequency of 'Monthly' to 'Twice a Month' causes their draft schedule to be incorrect after the first month.
Emergency Contact Number does not save unless a name is also entered.
The message 'The database you are attempting to connect to is a different version of iGoFigure.' is displayed when trying to network Go Figure using machine name. Using IP address resolves this.
Void payment into customer account did not get subtracted from the Adjustment tab, the Adjustments column on the Projection Sheet and Adjustments on the Projection Sheet Summary report.
Traffic Control Sheet Notes for Inactive members are not showing.
Failed Payments Report will not display without selecting to show complete account numbers.
The deposit slip print preview cuts off the top of the routing and account numbers but the printed slip shows full display of the routing and account numbers correctly.
Trying to create a profile in Advanced Security that was previously deleted and assigned to an employee causes the application to crash.
The Attendance-Staffing Trends permission under Reports-->Attendance Reports is controlling the Print Travel Pass History in Travel Pass.