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Release Notes for v3.7.1.25

Release Date: September 17, 2009

Enhancements and Updates

Attendance Reports
Attendance Detail by Attribute Report available on Web Hosted Version.
Create/Edit Member
Webcam ability available using the Go Figure Web Utility.
System Wide
Import and Export ability available using the Go Figure Web Utility.

Fixed Issues

Some users experienced issues with the incorrect item being displayed in the Shopping Cart with an incorrect price. This is no longer an issue.
Business Defaults
Changes made to the Recurring Payment Defaults list on the Banking tab in Business Defaults are now saved.
Hold Membership
Users now have the ability to extend membership hold expiration date.
Create Member
The ‘Date’ field is now at the end of the tab order for entering new member weight and measurements.
The Month-to-Month agreement no longer has a default grace period of seven days, if no grace period is entered on the Fees tab in Member Agreements.
Member’s collections history shows current member history instead of all members in the club.
Edit Member
The system now requires users to save weights and measurements before printing a report instead of defaulting date of entry to 7/22/2004.
Custom memberships no longer appear twice on the Employee Time Sheet.
Some users were experiencing encrypted Employee’s SSN/ ID. This is no longer an issue.
Web Hosted shows International currency symbols
Web Hosted displays time in local time zone settings
Translations: receipts in Australian Regional Settings say 'Receipt' instead of 'Tax Invoice'
Danish Regional Settings no longer has issues with symbols on Projection Sheet Summary.
Member Grid when sorted by Collections in Danish now displays currency correctly.
Attendance Reports now display sign-in times in 24hr format according to regional settings.
German and French bank export files are now available through Money Management Wizard, using the ‘International’ Regional Settings shortcut on the desktop.
Management Reports
Check Draft members who switched to bank account from credit card no longer appear on the Credit Card Drafts report.
Member Translations
The Welcome Screen now includes language updates for Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese.
Receipts now include language updates for Dutch, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Thai, and Vietnamese.
Weigh and Measurement Reports now include Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Thai, and Vietnamese.
Payment Processing
Improved pay processor response times.
The Next Payment Date in Payments and Product Sales now defaults to “Required” instead of 23-Jan-2007 for pre-pay memberships.
Sign In
Manual Sign In now allows multiple member sign-ins.
System Wide
The application now recognizes local machine time zone.
View Member
The Membership Summary Report and the Member Records grid now correctly display only currently assigned attributes.
Member Summary Report now prints from Member Records for all agreement types.
Welcome Screen
Able to import backgrounds and advertising through the Go Figure Web Utility.

Known Issues

Create/Edit Member
Memberships with a Payment Frequency of Every 2 Weeks, display as Weekly on the Member Summary Report in Membership Details.
When taking a member’s picture, users may experience a 4-6 second delay.
Users can only export reports and import pictures directly to/from their C:\ drive.
There is sometimes a slight delay when expanding the file tree during import or export of files to the C:\ drive.
Send email is not functional from Member Records and Report Wizard.
When using Indonesian Regional Settings, money values greater than 6 digits are incorrectly rounded and displayed improperly.
Netherlands bank export is not yet available in Excel format.
The currency symbol is displayed incorrectly on the Print Member List, in Thai and Danish Regional Settings.
When using the Thai Solar Calendar, the Daily Sign-In sheet is blank.
Welcome Screen
Welcome Screen sounds do not currently play.