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Release Notes 3.6.26

Release Date: 8/14/2008

Top 5 New Features

CR76.04 and 47.88 and 86.24

Improved Security:

Customizable security settings are added which allow users to create an unlimited number of profiles and passwords for employees and allow or restrict access to specific areas of the program. With this feature, users can track changes made in iGo Figure by each staff member with the Activity Audit report.

Integrated On-Line Scheduler:

The Scheduler is a powerful new integrated service. Your members will have the option, at your discretion, to access your facility's on-line scheduling calendar. You will be able to set and track appointments for one or multiple locations or departments. Scheduled items can include classes, sales appointments, personal training appointments, etc.

Key Tag Controlled Door Access:

You can choose to give members door access to your facility with the scan of a key tag. You set the hours of access and members can enter your facility during that time frame. Only active members in good standing will be permitted to enter. Now you have the flexibility to open earlier, make your club available throughout the day, or even extend your facility to 24 hours without having the cost burden of adding extra staffing hours.

Session Based Memberships:

This new membership type allows facilities to generate more revenue without adding complexity by providing new types of services to customers. The feature allows a user to manage, track, and limit sessions used by members. It also gives users the option to require both scan-in and scan-out for memberships if they so choose. Take advantage of session-based memberships and provide services based on one or more sessions to be subtracted as members scan-in. Example: 10 workouts for $30, 15 workouts for 1 month or personal training sessions. The choice is now yours!

Inventory Categories:

Efficiently organize and manage the products with the enhanced inventory category system at your facility and easily locate them through the Payments & Product Sales feature for a quicker point of sale experience for you and your customers.


Clicking member's name from the attendance panel located on the left side of the main menu opens a new "quick view" member pop-up window that contains important information like: birthday, member photo, weigh and measure day, attributes, collections status, and more. Now you can see the information about members currently in your facility that matters most with one click of the mouse.
Version 3.6.26 allows users to configure the details on the member welcome screen. Add to or omit from a list of items that will display when a member scans in.
The valuable "Membership Summary Report" previously only available from the new member wizard can now be printed at any time from a Member Record, under the membership details section of the general tab.
"Activity Audit Report" is now available from the Management Reports category. Here changes made in iGo Figure by each staff member can easily be tracked. The report is only available when users activate the advanced security option also available in version 3.6
An external backup and restore utility is added to give users the ability to easily backup or restore a backup without having to open the iGo Figure software.
Enhanced design of the Payments and Product Sales (POS) section of the program for better organization and quicker purchases.
Members are flagged on the Attendance Panel within two days of their Birthday and Weigh and Measure Date to help staff better serve your members.
Payments 2.0 low cost credit card processing has an improved integration and user experience to deliver more visibility and better reporting for users.
The "Birthday Report" can now filter out Archived Members.
You can now choose to sort the "Members not attending" report by Member Name, as well as, the last attendance date.
CR77.55 and 69.05
You can now have the ability to print Member's Attendance History by selecting a date range.
You can now change the price of an item in the Payments and Product Sales section with both the Manager and Owner password.
The "Credit Card Payments" report in Money Management now includes a column for the Expiration Date.
Products can now be sorted alphabetically in Payments and Product Sales and a convenient product search feature has been added.
"Employee Time Sheet" now includes the Item quantity under Commissions.
The iGo Connect expiration date column has been color coded for easy reference.
Custom advertising sources can now be removed from the list of sources by un-checking the "Current" box.
Sentenial- UK and Ireland payment processor is fully integrated to allow users to perform electronic payment processing.
Perceptech – Canadian electronic payment processing for bank accounts and credit cards] is fully integrated in this version to allow users to perform point of sale and recurring membership payments.
The Credit Card Transactions report is enhanced and can filter for a specific date range.
Sort the Credit Card Draft report by either expiration date or draft day.
The iGo Figure Customer ID # is now easily viewed on the title bar at the top of the software window.
The Report Wizard Label report now shows the First Name first, the Last Name last and is sorted in order by the Last Name
Enhanced Personal Weight Report for easier view and data analysis.
CR71.02 and 88.76 and 85.27 and 96.12
The "Members About to Expire" report under the Label Reports category can now be filtered for a specific date range.

New Languages

Added the following new languages in the system: Arabic, Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Russian, and Spanish.
Updated the previously added languages to accommodate the new features: German, Italian, French, and Turkish

Fixed defects

Business Defaults

CR92.22 and CR10.238
Member names are no longer being duplicated on the recurring payments defaults list.

Cancel Agreements

Previously user could cancel out a member without entering a required password when issuing a refund. This is now fixed and the system requires user to enter a password.

Employee Records

Employee Time Sheet now excludes deleted no sales to correspond with the traffic control sheet.
CR97.42 and CR97.82
There was an issue with add and edit employees without an address on file, that issue is now resolved.
New membership sales will now be included in "Total Membership Sales" on Employee Time Sheet even without commissions setup in Business Defaults.

Integrated Payment Options

System will validate any expired credit cards before processing the credit card transaction in all places of the program where you can process a credit card payment.

Label Reports

CR86.35 and CR96.22
Non recurring memberships are now shown on the Members About to Expire label report.
Members Not Attending report can now display active and inactive status separately or combined using the report filter.

Member Hold

Added the save button to extend hold end date in Member Hold, this was an issue in previous versions.

Member Records

CR93.76, CR95.69, CR96.21
User is now able to save changes to attendance adjustments in member attendance history. This was an issue for few specific customers.
CR98.01 and CR10.126
Bank symbols are now displayed correctly in Membership Details and on the Accounts Tab.
CR10.051 and CR10.235
User is able to edit and save changes to member attribute in Member Records. This was an issue for few specific customers.
Custom attributes are now displayed on the list in Member Records. Previously some custom attributes were displaying and some were not.


Display issues regarding the balance shown on Customer Account Balances report and the actual balance on customer account in Member Records have been addressed.
CR91.14 and CR94.78
Member Age Trend report display issues regarding status have been addressed.
Reports not displayed without business address in Business Defaults has been fixed.
The Top Losing Members Over All, Top Losing Members, and Total Weigh Lost for Club reports displaying in the selected units in Business Defaults have been addressed.
The number of workouts on the Weigh and Measure report correspond with the number of workouts in the Attendance History for the date range selected is now fixed.


CR92.55 and CR97.35
User can now refund credit card accounts with dashes in the account numbers.

Report Wizard

Members with more than one email address on file will list only one time on reports.


CR96.31, CR97.71, CR98.48, CR10.074, CR10.114, CR10.143
Member with an archived record and active record will now show in Payments and Product Sales.

Welcome Screen

Welcome screen picture now fills the box with the member's picture correctly.
Name label size on the Welcome Screen has been increased to compensate for longer names.
Welcome Screen text corrected for French translation
Some members in few specific facilities would not receive the 'Don't forget to get weighed and measured today!' message on sign-in have been addressed.

Known Issues


The agreement sales base and percentage commissions are correct. Membership dues before tax original amount is displayed incorrectly in Sales Commission section of the Employee Time Sheet.
[Perceptech] Cannot refund a non member credit card sale.

Member Records

Collections do not appear in Status History in Member Records if it was from an overdue customer account balance.
Changing the payment frequency for a membership from monthly to another frequency causes the next payment date to change.
Member's name is sometimes not displayed in Member's Record under general tab when accessing the Member Record through an alternate way in the program from Attendance Panel.
Weigh and Measure Report bottom chart will sometimes display zeros and a date from 2004, for the most current weigh and measure day, if you enter new measurements without saving and you try to view the reports. This is a refresh issue, if you save and go back to view the report the bottom chart will be correct.


Memberships other than the default add-on membership are not displayed on the add-on member list.
Refunded sales are not grouped together on the credit card transactions report.
Total Attendance by Date Range Report does not include adjustments when 'Include Attendance Adjustments' check box
Selecting an employer with a space in the beginning of the name on the filter for the Member List by Employer Report will cause errors to the report.
Member Attendance by Attribute report shows all past employers.
If a member changes their recurring payment method from Credit Cards to a Bank Account, the Credit Card Drafts report still shows the member's name in that report.
Void payment paid into the customer account does not put the member back on Customer Account Balances report.


The deposit slip print preview screen display the top of the routing and account numbers but the printed slip shows full display of the routing and account numbers correctly.


The Sale Details screen n Paperwork is rounded differently and displayed incorrectly due to hundredths of a penny rounding issue in different areas of the application and that cause the reports to not match. This issue will be addressed in next patch/update.
Projection Sheet Adjustment Details report show failed electronic payment that was owner comp on the date the sale was created and not on the date the sale was owner comp.
Void product sale tax was not subtracted on the sales tab, the taxes for retail sales on the Projection Sheet Adjustment report, the retail sales column on the projection sheet and on retail sales on the projection sheet summary report.
Void payment into customer account did not get subtracted from the adjustment tab, the Adjustments column on the Projection Sheet and Adjustments on the Projection Sheet Summary report.


Changed the session based membership sign up fee and dues tax on SalesSessionDetailsPopup screen but it still shows the original tax rate on the Product Details screen.
Session based membership does not reverse calculate dues paid at sign up after changing the tax category in the Dues Paid at Sign-Up section.
Buttons on the Products tab are white after entering a new member.
Canceling out of the "Payment/Deposit to Customer Account" screen without entering an amount will not allow you to exit out of the screen.


On a networked machine, security settings will not update until the after the application restarts.
By default in basic security employee and manager can void sales in Payments and Product Sales. Only the owner should be able to by default.

SignIn/Manual SignIn

'Any current changes to the data will be lost. Do you want to continue?' prompt is not displayed when the user clicks a member name on the Attendance Panel after editing in Business Defaults.