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Release Notes 3.5 SP1

Release Date: October, 2007

Enhancements & Updates

Money Management-Related Updates

  • Ability to add a new credit card for a new member during checkout.
  • Improved capabilities to sort paper check drafts.
  • Changes made to EFT/Paper Draft option in “Edit Membership” mode save correctly.

Reporting-Related Updates

  • Memberships About to Expire report query excludes auto-renews and holds.
  • Projection Sheet field entitled, "number of members with one or more active membership" no longer counts multiple memberships as additional members.
  • Resolved known issues regarding incorrect zeros on the Projection Sheet.
  • Daily Gross Sheet can now be viewed correctly using French regional settings.
  • "Top Losers Report" query no longer includes members who are on hold and have not lost weight.

Membership-Related Updates

  • Previously converted memberships now correctly query as "Inactive" on reports.

Employee Management-Related Updates

  • User now has the ability to enter duplicate employee and/or member names.
  • Resolved known issues with employee address changes.

Other Updates:

  • Backups created upon exit or by the Support button can be restored with greater ease.
  • Franchise name changes are now saved regardless of whether a duplicate name exists in the database.