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Release Notes for 3.4.19

Release Date: March 9th, 2007

Top 5

Top 5 enhancements and fixes in this release that will make you upgrade instantly.

  1. A new Void feature has been added.
  2. An Address Control feature has been added.
  3. Multi cumulative tax sub categories.
  4. Individual sale item discounts.
  5. New welcome screens available.

Enhancements & Defect Fixes

Payments & Product Sales

The ‘amount due’ total has been enhanced when a user changes the custom tax rate during a check draft exchange.
The gain or loss by a penny in price when changing the tax rate in Payments & Product Sales has been addressed.


The AM and PM is now listed after the time on the refund receipt.


12hr time format is now displayed on the Invalid Key tag Scan report.
Birthday labels now display only active members.
When requesting to display transactions for the year on the Credit Card Transactions report, the “Total by Approved Cards’ table display has been enhanced.
The 14 day limit put on the Members Not Working out Report has been removed.
The Email Now button in the Report Wizard has been enhanced to address the character limit issue.
Multi cumulative tax sub categories are now easier to read on the Tax Report.
Exporting reports to Excel from iGo Figure displays all pages in one sheet for easy formatting.
Number of Workouts by Attribute Report has been added to allow the user to pull a report that displays members‚ workouts with their attributes.

Travel Pass

When user creates a Travel Pass, the option to select an employee has been added.
The employee that issues a travel pass will now appear on the Travel Pass History report.

Business Defaults

When pulling up the Recurring Payment Default list, only active members will appear.
An Address Control feature has been added so users are able to format their custom address fields according to local formats.

Member Records

When exporting the Insufficient Funds Letter #2, it is now displayed in an easier to read format.
Enhancements have been made to display a sales person in the Member Signup History Report.
The calculations with the Total Weight Lost Report for members with multiple memberships have been updated.
The refresh issue regarding the membership dues displayed under the General tab of Member Records has been addressed.
The re-assigning of key tags feature has been added to the Add New Employee process and the New Membership Wizard.
The ‘Send Email’ button has been added to the Personal tab within the Member Record.
The Monthly Dues that are displayed on the 3 different letter templates have been addressed.
User now has the ability to update content in Member Letters by editing the member‚s name, address, amount that may be due and processing fees. These changes are
then reflected on the chosen letter template.
Some users had issues with active and inactive memberships showing with only one status on Member List. This issue has been resolved.
The History tab display property has been modified to enhance the performance in Member Records.

Employee Records

The display properties have been enhanced when entering a future clocked in entry for an employee that is already clocked in.
The refresh issue with duplicate employees appearing on the Employee List, due to multiple emails listed for an employee has been addressed.


Product sales are now displayed on the Traffic Control Sheet.
The Projection Sheet calculation is displayed even if the member was a Previous No-Sale and the user enters the member using the ‘Duplicate Name’ window.
The display issue of the Total Original Guests column on Projection Sheet has been addressed.
Enhancements have been made for Check Draft totals under Type of Sales column in the Projection Sheet.
Projection Sheet Summary has been updated to show percentage of active members working out and also displays the percentage of branded and non-branded
advertisement sources.

Money Management

The ‘date due’ in the Money Management Summary Report has been addressed for display issues.
A Void feature has been added to ‘void’ out a transaction from the system and remove its contents from majority of the Go Figure‚s paperwork, without displaying a negative adjustment on the Projection Sheet.
When processing bank deposits in the Money Management Wizard, a checkbox is provided at Deposit Slip View to ask user if they would like to change the sorting option. User will now have the option to sort by Member Name or Name on Account.

iGo Connect

The software licenses in the iGo Connect button are now color coded.
  • Red-Expired
  • Green- In good standing
  • Blue- Feature has yet to be enabled
The user now has the ability to give a discount on individual sale items as well as on the total sale. User will also be able to track discounts and adjustments in paperwork reports.

New Member

User will now be prompted when trying to reassign an old keytag when creating a new membership.
The address fields for credit card/bank account will now auto-populate with the customer address values wherever credit card info can be entered.
When user adds a bank-branch to their account, the bank‚s address fields will now be auto populated. (e.g., Name, Address, Amount Due, Processing Fee)


The member sign in time above the attendance panel is now set to the 24 hour according to regional settings.
English to German translations have been added.
Receipts now display a 24 hour time format according to regional settings.
Multi cumulative tax sub categories are now displayed in detailed format on the Tax Report for Canadian users.
The country of origin will now default to regional settings during the data migration process.