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Release Notes for 3.2

Release Date: Aug 25, 2006

Top 5

Top 5 enhancements and fixes in this release that will make you upgrade instantly.

  1. You can now change the payment method of a transaction in Money Management
  2. Any item that was checked in Money Management will remain checked even if you cancel out of money management wizard
  3. Help keep your members from canceling. Retention Management is now available in this version
  4. Notes section is enhanced and moved in general tab of Member Records for instant access
  5. Version 3.2 is much faster.

Enhancements & Defect Fixes

Cancel Member

User has the ability to use the Accounts on File button in the Checkout screen after canceling a member.

Check Draft Printing

Custom Check Drafts are consecutively dated by month starting with the Printed Date that is selected.

Employee Records

The termination date entered for an employee will only apply to that employee and will not affect the other employee termination dates.
The manager and owner are able to add to and edit the employee work history.

Inventory Management

The quantities displayed in the Inventory List on screen preview match the quantities printed on the Current Inventory Report. This will occur if the user has already set the specified level in inventory management.
The user will be notified when an item reaches a specific level by the Inventory Management when the program is launched.

Member Records

When viewing the weights entry table the correct units are displayed for the measurements and weights (e.g., in., lbs., etc.).
The user was asked if they are sure they would like to exit the member's record without saving even though no changes had been made. This issue has been resolved.
The Primary Member name is displayed on the General Tab of the Add-On Members record.
You can now add a reason for an owner comp.
Membership Details will now show the next payment date.
User has the ability to use the Accounts on File button after selecting the 'Pay Now' option under the Money tab of Member Records.
A Notes section has been added to the General tab to provide instant access to view notes for an individual member.
Some users experienced not being able to edit notes for certain members. This issue has been fixed in this version.
Member Attendance History report displays in reverse chronological order, displaying the most recent data first. Issue of having some of the attendance out of order has been fixed.
Confirm Cancel dialog box prompting that changes will be lost will no longer appear after saving a note.
Some users experienced notes being saved multiple times when editing them. This issue has been fixed in this version.
Accounts Tab in Member Records is now password protected (Owner & Manager).
Name on Account, Account Number, Primary Member, and next Payment Date, all have been added to the membership view under the General tab for quick reference.
Help keep your members from canceling. Retention Management solution is added in this version. To learn more please visit

Money Management

Balances Due and Collections has a comment box so the user can enter a reason for an Owner Comp.
The items in All Sales, Payments, & Dues in the Money Management Wizard are deselected by default.
Any items that have been checked in All Sales, Payments, & Dues area will remain checked when exiting or re-entering the Money Management Wizard.
The Payment Method for each transaction in the Money Management Wizard can be changed without sending the item to Collections or Owner Comp.
The number of failed EFT payments is displayed on the Electronic Processing Results screen in the Money Management Wizard. (Available only to users that utilize Go Figure's integrated EFT service).
User has the ability to use the Accounts on File button when making a payment from Balances Due & Collections.

New Member

New member's name displaying at the top of the New Membership Wizard record is fixed when a user decides to cancel or back out of the wizard.
When trying to enter a keytag number that is already assigned to an employee, the system displays a message stating the keytag is already assigned to an employee and asks the user to enter a unique keytag number.
Only one entry will be made in the Existing Member Memberships pop-up for each membership. Previous versions displayed duplicate entries for the Membership Name.


Reports previewed and printed from Paperwork will display data from the dates you select instead of the current date shown at the top of the screen.
The Projection Sheet prints completely on all printer models.
The Projection Sheet Adjustment amount now matches the amount on the Projection Sheet Adjustment Details Report. This issue has been resolved.
Some users were experiencing problems printing the Projection Sheet on a letter size piece of paper. This issue has been fixed in this version.
Member No-Sales show on the Traffic Control Sheet for the date selected.
Custom Member Agreements figures will show on New Membership Sales Details report, the Projection Sheet, and the Projection Sheet Summary report.
Some users experienced a member showing as 'cancelled' multiple times outside of the date range specified. This issue has been fixed in this version.


There is a Back to Menu button in the final screen of Payment and Product Sales, instead of a Back to List button.
User has the ability to change the product's price in the Shopping Cart of Payments & Product Sales with a Manager or Owner password. (Works like a Discount feature).
Add-On members have the ability to use the Primary Member's Account on File as a payment method.
Added details of why a transaction failed when processing electronically through Payment and Product Sales.


Some users were experiencing Top Losers report not matching the data recorded in the member's record. This issue has been fixed in this release.
Attendance Reports will now display times in an AM/PM format.
Owner's Comp & Gift Certificate Sales report is now based on the date that the owner comp transaction was processed.

Screen Options

Curvaceous welcome screen files now available for download online. Visit to learn more and to download.

Note: Many other issues have been addressed but have not been mentioned on this list because they are user specific. If you feel you have issues that were not addressed above, please contact technical support for further assistance.

Known Issues

Below are known issues in this version that will be addressed in upcoming versions.

After editing Emergency Contact in Member Records then clicking Undo, it will popup with the emergency contact twice. After those windows are closed and you try to edit the emergency contact, the links no longer work. To work around this issue, click Back to List then go back into that member's record, the emergency contact should now be functional again.
When inventory notification in Inventory Management is activated, it does not notify that item is low until it is at least one less than the amount that was set. For example if it's set at 10 it does not display that inventory is low until it is 9 or less.
If a credit card payment fails in Money Management then it does not update the Money Management Summary Report correctly on initial process. If transaction is reprocessed successfully then it updates accordingly.
After clicking Print Travel Pass History in the Travel Pass section the splash screen saying 'Please wait' appears. Just click the close button in the top right of the splash screen to close it out.
Total Original Guests column in the Projection sheet does not update to include a new member if no source is selected during the sign-up.
Travel Pass will have problems scanning only in Canadian Settings due to date issues after the 12th of the month.
The Attendance History Report does not adjust correctly when a workout is deleted from the History tab in Member Records. The report will still show the deleted workouts.
The Total Attendance by Date Range report does not adjust accordingly when a workout is deleted from the History tab in Member Records. The report will still show the deleted workouts.
Editing the work history of a clocked-in employee will automatically clock out the employee. The employee's time will have to be adjusted at the beginning or end of the employee's shift.
The Print Drafts for Selected Members list may have the routing numbers in the Account No. column and the account numbers in the Routing No. column. The check drafts print correctly even though the preview displays incorrectly.