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Microsoft Vista®

Dear iGo Figure User:

Since Microsoft Vista® is a newly released product; we are waiting for it to stabilize before we start supporting our product in conjunction with Vista. In addition to troubleshooting the iGo Figure® software, our Technical Support representatives also assist users with issues that arise pertaining to many aspects of their computer, including their operating systems. Many times we go above and beyond our software support and assist users with various computer issues such as removing viruses, monitor configuration, and re-installing drivers to name a few. Because of this fact, we have to ensure the Go Figure Team is familiar with Vista in order for us to fully support our product on Vista operating systems.

If you have already purchased a computer with Vista, we will assist you with installing iGo Figure Version 3. Currently, we can not guarantee our product will work seamlessly with Vista because we have not had sufficient time for our product to go through a thorough Quality Assurance process. The Quality Assurance process consists of over 1,000 rigorous tests that ensure our program will function in a variety of different scenarios, including different operating systems.

We will only be able to start fully supporting our product in conjunction with this operating system after completing a full acceptance testing phase. It is our recommendation to wait until we can complete our Quality Assurance process regarding Vista before you upgrade your operating system.

We will update you as soon as we have completed the Full Acceptance Testing in our Quality Assurance process. When this occurs we will be ready to fully support our product on Vista operating systems.

iGo Figure Administrator