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Introducing iGo Figure Version 3.6                                 

           Now With Built-in
           Credit Card and
           EFT Processing*

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Using Version 2?
Learn more about
the features you will enjoy in iGo Figure Version 3. Watch now.
Using Version 3?
See what’s new in iGo Figure Version 3.6. You’ll love it! Watch now.

It’s easier than ever to process credit cards and EFTs directly from the iGo Figure Software! There’s no need to manage a separate payment system and there’s no additional equipment to buy or lease. The iGo Figure Software will securely process your monthly dues and other credit card sales with just a few clicks of the mouse.**
You’ll spend less time processing payments and you’ll have fewer trips to the bank.
This is only available when using iGo Figure Version 3.6.

Upgrade today! Here’s how:

  1. Be sure your computer meets the recommended system requirements.
  2. Download the software for free*** or click here to request an upgrade CD.
  3. Follow the installation instructions that appear on your computer screen. When prompted, select the language you wish to use.

Get Started With our Built-in Payment Processing

Visit our website to set up credit card and EFT processing at your club(s). You can also contact Go Figure Sales at (866) 532-9588 or

* Activation and fees required. Contact Sales for more information.

** An internet connection is required to use the integrated payment processing service.
*** Software upgrades are included at  no additional charges for current iGo Figure customers. A high-speed internet connection is recommended for downloading the software. If it is not available at your facility, you can download the software using a high-speed internet connection on a different computer and save the program onto a CD or a USB drive. Then, use the CD or USB drive to install iGo Figure on the computer at your facility.