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iGo Focus
June 2008                                                                                                       Volume 1 - Issue 2
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Lead Bag Secrets Revealed!
Computer Leasing Now Available
Extend the Life of Your Computer
Version 3.6 Coming Soon
Go Figure Gives Back
Online Chat
Now Available
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July 4 Holiday Hours
In oberservance of Independence Day,
Go Figure will have limited customer service hours on Friday, July 4, 2008.

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We will resume normal business hours on Saturday, July 5, 2008 and will be open
Saturday and Sunday,
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The Lovable Lead Bag
By: Kyle Zagrodzky, CEO
A Simple Tool that Creates Visibility for Your Business
Throughout my years of owning fitness centers, I found one tool to be more helpful than any other in boosting memberships at my clubs: the lead bag.
Lead Bag
To me, a lead bag has always been a beautiful thing, so simple and always giving back more to me than I have to give in both time and money. Club owners and managers often underestimate the power of this very simple concept. I’d like to help you see how you can use it to your advantage.

Try to think about the lead bag as an eye-catching billboard. If your bag is too busy or bland it will have less of an impact. Furthermore, some people aren’t comfortable putting their personal information in the bag. Don’t let that discourage you. Whether a person completes a lead form, the bag still works its magic. You are creating "top-of-mind awareness" about your business. People will think of you the next time they consider joining a fitness center.

Read the entire article for tips on:
  • Creating your bags
  • Planning distribution
  • Distributing them
  • Following up
You’ll be glad you did!
Affordable Computer Leasing Now Available

Computer Leasing

Keeping your computer up-to-date allows your software to operate properly, making your club more efficient. Go Figure now offers computer leasing options that are affordable so you can keep pace with the latest technology! View our recommended system requirements that will tell you whether your computer currently meets these requirements.

Contact Sales to find out the rates for the equipment you need and to fill out a lease application.

Toll-free phone: (866) 532 9588

Extend the Life of Your Computer
Computer CleaningTake the Time to Clean It
Cleaning the inside of your computer is very important to extend its life span. Tiny dust particles that gather inside the computer can increase its temperature which results in overheating. Often when the computer overheats the screen will stop working (freeze up) or the computer will shut off without warning. If you follow these directions you will be able to avoid the dangerous effects of heat created by excess dust. Even if the area around your computer is extremely clean the computer still attracts dust from the air and you should still follow these steps.

Read more to find out when and how to clean your computer so you can extend its life!
iGo Figure Version 3.6 Available Soon
iGo Figure Version 3.6 will be available later this summer.
You will be able to:
  • Customize security access for you, your managers and
    your employees.
  • Create schedules for appointments, personal training, or other classes that your members can view online.
  • Allows employees to view their work schedules online.
  • Offer 24-hour access to your facility with a valid keytag scan.
  • Offer services that are sold and tracked by the session such as nutritional counseling, personal training and more.
View system requirements.

Watch your email for details on how to get the free upgrade.

Some services require an additional fee.
Go Figure Gives Back
Great Walk to Beijing

Go Figure is pleased to contribute to the Great Walk to Beijing 2008 to raise funds for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre Appeal. Participants include Curves co-founder Diane Heavin and cancer survivor Olivia Newton-John. You can also support their cause. Visit for more information.

Go Figure Donates Club Management Software to Healthworks Foundation Fitness Center

"When we heard about the new Healthworks Foundation Fitness Center and all that they are doing for low income and homeless women and children, we were excited to contribute our products for use in this great facility," said Matthew Zagrodzky, co-owner of Go Figure, Inc.

Construction recently began on the second non-profit fitness facility in Dorchester’s Codman Square, one of the largest and most diverse communities in Boston. This new fitness center will specifically target the fitness needs of children as well as continue to meet the needs of women.

Healthworks Foundation is a non-profit organization touching the lives of thousands of underprivileged woman and children via its community outreach programs.

Matt Zagrodzky
of Go Figure, Inc. presents the iGo Figure Software and equipment to LaTayna Purnell of Healthworks Fitness.