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Cleaning the Inside of Your Computer 
Cleaning the inside of your computer is very important to ensure that it performs for you as long as possible. Tiny dust particles that gather inside the computer can increase its temperature which results in overheating. Often when the computer overheats the screen will stop working (freeze up) or the computer will shut off without warning. If you follow these directions you will be able to avoid the dangerous effects of heat created by excess dust. Even if the area around your computer is extremely clean the computer still attracts dust from the air and you should still follow these steps.

When to Clean
It is recommended that the inside of the computer be cleaned at least twice a year and it should take no more than 15-20 minutes to complete the entire process. You will need at least one can of compressed air which can be purchased at any office supply store and usually costs between $4 and $11.

Computer Cleaning

How to Clean
Before starting these steps review all recommended cleaning instructions provided by the computer manufacturer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions if available.
1.     Turn off your computer.
2.     Unplug the power cable.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not work on a computer or its components when they are either too cold or too hot. Be sure they are at room temperature before starting.
3.     Remove the screws from the back of the computer. Tape the screws to the cover while you work because they are small and easy to misplace.
4.     Remove the cover of the computer exposing the motherboard and other hardware components.
5.     Ground yourself by touching something metal OTHER THAN your computer to get rid of any static electricity or wear a grounding strap. This will prevent exposing any of the components inside the computer to static electricity.
6.     Read and follow the instructions for use on the compressed air can. Pay special attention to fans and areas where you see collected dust. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not spray hardware at close range. Using a vacuum is not recommended.
7.     Check to be sure no cables are lying next to any fans inside the computer. Then replace the cover, fasten it and restore the power.