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Tech Support Answers Available 24/7
Technical Support just got easier! Go Figure presents the Tech Support Corner where you can find answers to commonly asked questions for every section of the software! So before you pick up the phone, see if the answer is waiting for you in the Tech Support Corner.
Visit, click the green My iGo Tab then select Tech Support Corner.
The "Have to" Hurdle
A Club Management Tip from Kyle Zagrodzky, Go Figure’s CEO and
former club owner
During my experience running nine Curves® fitness centers, my wife Brenda and I implemented many different ideas in an attempt to improve the bottom line. Out of all the ideas we tried, there was one thing that had the biggest impact on consistently improving the profitability of our clubs:
Insist that by the end of every day,
the clubs had four new sales appointments
scheduled for the following business day.
When we consistently achieved that daily goal, almost all of the stress of running our Curves melted away.
Our sales closing average was almost 100% so we only needed one out of four to show up on any given day to have a positive impact. Once we started scheduling four appointments a day consistently, we saw a dramatic difference.  Our attitudes and our employees’ attitudes were better. Our members were happier. We had more money and we worked less. Afterwards, we never lost sight of that objective and we consistently made a good income going forward. The ups and downs were virtually eliminated.
Focusing on scheduling appointments worked in the most amazing ways for us, and I believe it will work for you too.
Get Connected...With iGo Connect
Make it Easier to Run Your Club!
Use the only credit card and EFT processing services built into the iGo Figure Software.
  • EFTs - Only $.10 per transaction!
  • Credit Cards - Great rates!
  • Member Retention Service - Makes it
    easier to keep your members.
New Webinar Topics Available
Have You Taken Advantage of our FREE Software Training?
Free iGo Figure training seminars on the web are available very month. You and your staff are invited to attend as many as you’d like to find answers to your questions while gaining valuable skills that will help you use the iGo Figure Software.
  • Paperwork - basic and advanced sessions
  • Reports - basic and advanced sessions
  • Money management
  • Member and customer management
  • Transitioning from Version 2 to Version 3
  • Basic information for new iGo Figure users
  • Getting started as a new employee
  • Business management - just about everything owners need to know
You can find the schedule anytime by going to, clicking the yellow Training tab, then clicking Schedule Now.
Did You Know?
The iGo Figure Software Registers Itself!
If the computer running iGo Figure Version 3 at your club is connected (or dialed-in) to the internet, the software will automatically register itself when launched. There’s no need for you to call or email us every 120 days. The software takes care of it completely on its own! It’s one more way the iGo Figure Software gives you more time to be with your members.
Read the complete article entitled: Why Upgrade? Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to Version 3.5.