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Go Figure, Inc.

Go Figure Speaks Your Language: Gym Management Software Goes Global by Supporting Multiple Languages

February 26, Sugar Land, TX, USA – Go Figure, Inc., a customer and member management software company based in Sugar Land, Texas, announced today the translation of its software into six new languages: Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Greek, Hebrew and Arabic. These are in addition to French, Italian, German and Turkish, which were made available last year. The launch of the software in multiple languages is in response to the increased need worldwide to manage member-based businesses.

“We are extremely excited to offer iGo Figure Member & Customer Management Software in so many languages,” said Kyle Zagrodzky, Founder and CEO of Go Figure, Inc. “As we gained customers from across the globe, we found that they weren’t able to use the software to its fullest because they weren’t fluent in English. By translating the entire application, our users are able to understand all of the nuances that make the software so user-friendly.”

Go Figure, Inc. recently re-designed the architecture of the software with the intent of enabling translations into many languages. “Once the system design was complete, implementing different languages became very easy.” Zagrodzky reports that translation of the software into any language takes less than 90 days from inception to release. 

“The tricky part,” Zagrodzky said, “was developing a support model in the various languages.” The company’s business model is to provide robust and easy-to-use customer management software at an extremely low cost. “With such a model,” Zagrodzky explained, “including support services in other languages could have increased the costs beyond the low price we wanted to maintain.” Go Figure, Inc., however, designed a new support system that enables it to provide local support in the various languages. “Once we have 20 or more customers in any language, it becomes economically feasible to provide local support.” Given that the iGo Figure Software runs more than 8,000 businesses in 35 countries, Zagrodzky estimates it will not take long before local support is available in all of the translated languages. 

Going global has also dramatically impacted the company’s travel schedule, with Go Figure having recently completed trips to Germany, France, England, Australia, Greece, Canada and China to meet with customers and set up customer support networks. “It’s worth it,” Zagrodzky said, “especially after seeing how appreciative the customers are to have the software in their own language.” 
Go Figure, Inc. is the world’s largest club management software company, running more than 8,000 businesses in 35 countries, and has expanded the feature set and flexibility of its flagship product to include martial arts management software, yoga center software, gymnastics center management software, spa software and gym management software with the capability of managing virtually any membership or recurring customer-based business. For more information on the iGo Figure Software visit