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New Features in Version 3.6

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Attendance Panel and Sign In Screen Enhancements
Learn about the new time system, and flags and dots, on the attendance panel, as well as hiding or displaying your choice of details on the Member Sign In Screen.

Customizable Basic Security
Learn how YOU can choose what is unlocked by an Employee or Manager password!

Customizable Advanced Security
Learn how to assign each employee their own password, create custom profiles, get a detailed security report showing who went where when, and much more...

Inventory Categories
Learn how to use Inventory Categories to better-organize your inventory, more efficiently sell it, and get more detailed reports concerning it.

Scheduling Feature
Learn how to schedule classes, appointments, personal training sessions, employee work hours and a whole lot more!

Session Based Memberships
Learn how to create, sell and track session-based memberships (such as 10 personal training sessions at $85 each)