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Here’s what actual customers have said about using iGo Figure’s integrated EFT processing:

"We recently switched to integrated EFT & Credit Card Processing with Go Figure (after printing our drafts for years) and I can honestly say it has been smooth is very nice not to have to make a daily bank run. It really has been an easy transition."
– Camella, PA
"The integration with ACH Direct is great. Push a button and payments are processed. I don’t have to think about who I put on hold or who the new members are since last month. Takes about one minute – no more trips to the bank or high bank return fees. Also, you can log into the ACH Direct website and see immediately that the payments are being processed."
"I personally love the new option of using EFTs. Not having to go to the bank constantly. Having the ability to have everything integrated into GF 3.0 is very nice."
– Josh, Oregon

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