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EFT Pricing

Club Billing & Management Software

Take advantage of the lowest EFT & Credit Card rates available!

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Save Time and Money!
  • $0.10* per EFT transaction per transaction
  • 2.25%** + $0.25 per Credit Card transaction per transaction
  • $20 per monthly gateway fee per account
  • $99.00 one-time setup fee

Please note a high-speed internet connection is required.
For more information on EFT processing,
please call toll-free:

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* $4.95 NSF item fee per returned ACH transaction.
** Credit card pricing is for qualified “Card Not Present “MOTO transactions only. Discount rates will vary for non-qualified credit card transactions. Qualified transaction requirements are determined by Master Card, Visa, and Discover International at its sole discretion. Additional charges apply for chargebacks and PCI compliance.