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Website Packages


Go Figure offers 3 packages to choose from along with 3 different monthly services to help make maintenance of your website as worry-free as possible. Let Go Figue do the work for you!

Feature Silver Website Package $795.00 Gold Website Package $995.00 Platinum Website Package $1295.00
Hosting Set-up
Set-up for Purchase and Transfer of URL
Web Design
Logo Design
FTP Server for Hosting Images and Documents
Keyword Implementation
Data Limit 1000 MB
Web Pages Included 8 12 15
Email Addresses Included 5 10 15
Online Web Form
Online Webstore*

Monthly Website Service

As a club owner we know you are very busy. Finding the time to learn how to manage a website can be difficult, so let Go Figure do it all for you. We have 3 worry-free Monthly Website Service & Mainenance Packages to offer. Click here for pricing.

Contact our Go Figure Sales Team to find out which website package is suited best for your club, email or call:

Toll-free: (866) 532-9588