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Here's what actual customers have said about using iGo Figure's integrated credit card processing:

We recently switched to integrated EFT & Credit Card Processing with Go Figure (after printing our drafts for years) and I can honestly say it has been smooth sailing... it is very nice not to have to make a daily bank run. It really has been an easy transition.
– Camella, PA

We have credit card processing in 3 of our clubs and its fantastic. Go Figure makes it EASY.... We found with our 3 clubs that you're the lowest rates and HIGHEST quality of support! GREAT JOB!!
– Charles, AZ

"Thank you for helping us to run a more efficient business."
– Beverly, Michigan

"I have credit card processing, and it is very easy!"
– Lea, OR

"I love that it simplifies money management. I wouldn't be doing that with a pen and paper and a calculator."
– Lynn

"We are really big users of iGo Figure's Money Management [tools]. We use the processing for the credit cards for our six clubs. Now it's 5 minutes in each club - bam, bam we get our money. It was always my vision that in Go Figure we could go click a button and say "go get my money."
– Ken

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