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Integrated Canadian Payment Processing » Getting Started?

No other bank or credit card processing system is certified to work with the iGo Figure software.

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Please note a high-speed internet connection is required.

For more information email your questions to and a Go Figure representative will contact you.

For more information on Canadian payment processing, please call:


A Great Value!

Bank Drafts/EFT

  • $0.35 per transaction
  • $2.99 Return Item fee
  • $99.00 One time set up fee

Credit Cards

  • $0.35 Transaction fee
  • 2.50% Qualified discount rate
    (MasterCard, Visa,)
  • $99.00 One time set up fee (Waived, if purchased with Bank Drafts/EFT)

$19.99 Monthly Gateway fee includes both Credit Card and EFT Processing in ONE!