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October 3, 2014

The next best thing

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Whenever I can, I try to keep an eye out for the latest trends in the fitness industry.  You never know when someone might come up with the next greatest thing to revolutionize the fitness industry.  And sometimes it helps to tweak the best fitness club management software in the world (iGo 360) to accommodate whatever that new thing may be.

I recently came across this video of equipment produced by a Chinese manufacturer.

Is it the next best thing?  Does our gym management software need to integrate with this equipment to track….. well I’m not sure.

Somehow I don’t think the fitness industry will be revolutionized with this one.  Precor can rest easy this time.



August 17, 2010

Add Outdoor Classes to Boost Your Revenue

Get creative and expand your business by offering outdoor fitness classes!

According to recent studies, outdoor running, walking, boot camp, yoga and martial arts classes can take your club to a new level and increase membership sales. Add any type of outdoor classes to your schedule and watch your business grow. You can even introduce it as a membership upgrade package (iGo Figure Software Feature: Multiple Memberships).

Not only are you offering an exciting new way to exercise, you are also exposing your members to the natural environment which can be a great stress reliever. During outdoor exercise, endorphins and adrenalin are produced, which boost circulation, act as a mood elevator, and normalize the stress hormone, cortisol, in the brain.

A growing number of clubs are taking advantage of a formerly underutilized asset – the great outdoors. By offering training sessions, classes and other activities outside their walls, you are providing your members with fresh benefits that do wonders for your business.

Get some fresh air and add outdoor classes!

Kind regards,

Kyle Z

April 7, 2010

Bye, Bye Recession?

According to the 2009 released statistics by the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), revenue and membership numbers in the U.S. health club industry remained steady.  The recession caused consolidation of club locations and the closure of weaker performing clubs while new club locations emerged in underserved markets. In addition about 23% (10.5 million) of the 45.3 million health club members were new.

The rise of niche and theme-oriented facilities impacted the 2009 survey results significantly. Many owners are getting creative on how to manage their business and tools such as a membership management software or retention management system make it even easier to accommodate their needs.

According to IHRSA the increase in revenues was due to increases in health club usage and non-dues spending. “Increased usage is typically associated with increased spending in non-dues related items, such as personal training, lessons, juice bars and other services,” says Jay Ablondi, IHRSA’s executive vice president of global products.  Special offers and discounts can be easily managed with a membership management software.

Attract new consumers and boost your non-dues sales with the all-in-one iGo Figure Software.
It’s time to get creative and say “bye, bye recession”!


Matt Z


March 30, 2010

Inside the Mind of Your New Member

Usually we think it is lack of time or money for not joining a health club, but there are more prevalent factors.
Identifying and monitoring these will help you retain more members:

1. Fear of pain
2. Fear of embarrassment
3. Fear of not being able to achieve their goals

Here are some suggestions for successfully addressing these potential roadblocks to membership:

1. Pain. Negative emotions have a greater impact on us. Therefore, we are more likely to run from pain than confront it. A good sales person recognizes this fear factor at membership sign up and he can skillfully educate the prospect that exercise doesn’t need to be a painful experience. Help your members to overcome their reservations by tracking their results. This will not only boost a member’s self esteem, but also establish trust in your club. The iGo Figure Software allows you to easily monitor a member’s progress and gives you tools to demonstrate their results.

2. Embarrassment. As a new member you always feel like everyone is in better shape around you. Remember that especially new members take little steps! Make a member feel special and encourage them to continue by sharing tips, tricks and emotional support. Greet your members with a daily personalized message when they sign in through the iGo Figure Welcome Screen. It really motivates and shows that you care.

3. Goals. The sales and personal training departments must maintain a close relationship and effective communication to assist members in achieving their goals. At the point of sale, the salesperson should have already clearly identified the new member’s goals and explained to her why the club is the ideal choice in helping her achieve the results she desires.

Let us help you achieve your and your members goals!


Kyle Z


March 2, 2010

FREE Admission to IHRSA!

Come Meet Us – Booth #731 at IHRSA 2010 in San Diego, CA from March 10 – 13, 2010

Have you registered for your FREE VIP Pass, yet?
Follow these steps below and experience the iGo Figure Member & Business Management Software on site:

  1. Visit and look up your name, or register for the first time.
  2. At the line asking “Were you referred to the Convention & Trade Show by an Exhibitor?”,
    click ‘yes‘ and select “Go Figure, Inc.” from the drop down.
  3. Enter the promotional code VIPPASS.
  4. Complete the profile, review the registrant information.
  5. You will then receive a confirmation (with barcode) via email.

See you there!

Kyle Z.

FREE IHRSA Pass with Go Figure

February 23, 2010

Get Smart! 10 Ways to Beat the Competition

Back in 1995 there were approximately 12,500 commercial fitness centers in the United States. Since 2008, there are more than 29,000! One recent authority suggests the following ten ways to recharge your club and set it apart from the competition:

1. Get Fresh. “Store Blindness” is an affliction that besets everyone who lives or works in the same space. After a while, we don’t notice the worn carpets, the tired colors, the clutter behind the front desk, etc. A first-time visitor will notice any of those immediately. Whenever a strong competitor enters the market, it is imperative that clubs undergo a 360-degree examination. Get Fresh with a club makeover!

2. Get Connected. “Connectivity” may be the #1 advantage that existing clubs enjoy over powerful, new entrants into the market. So get started! Connect through the iGo Figure Software by sending a message to a member through your welcome screen, create a Facebook page for your club and/or sign-up for Go Figure’s free Retention Management trial. You will love the results! “Connectivity” is the basic reason why some neighborhood restaurants and coffee shops that may have flawed operations succeed year after year. Get connected with iGo Connect!

3. Get United. Being faced with an imminent threat from a new club allows your club to accelerate in the pursuit of better performance. Whenever a new competitor announces its entry into your market, you have an opportunity to unite your staff in the pursuit of a higher level of performance and excellence across the board.  A motivated and mobilized staff becomes the ultimate asset, the ultimate weapon with which you can win the battle. Get United and show off your team!

For the rest of the list, visit:

Let’s beat your competition together!

Always happy to help,

Matt Z


October 20, 2009

Club Industry Chicago

I just returned from the Club Industry Show in Chicago.  Visiting Chicago is always a great time; the pizza is great and I get the opportunity to see my Grandmother.

The show itself was good.  It appeared there were fewer vendors there than last year.  And many had smaller booths.  But there was a good crowd of club owners and managers looking to imporve their club management software or buy other equipment.  Many who stopped by loved our new web based software and the new features we have been adding.

Dr. Sean Groves and several other customers stopped by to visit.

More and more people were asking about PCI compliance and what that means.  FYI, its a data security standard that the credit card industry set to ensure software applications that process payments are securely storing your customers’ data.  Its amazing how many vendors out there are not PCI compliant.  If your fitness club management software provider is not PCI compliant, give us a call and we will be happy to help secure your member data; the iGo Figure has been certified PCI compliant for more than a year.

The other buzz-worthy item is Go Figure’s $.10 EFT processing.  When most people see it, they don’t believe it.  So many others charge 1-5% plus $.40 or more to process an EFT transaction.  When club owners hear we can do it for a dime, they hug me!



October 15, 2008

Curves Convention 2008

The iGo Figure team returned from the Curves convention in Orlando, Florida this past weekend. I will have to say it was our best event with Curves ever. We received more positive accolades about our latest version 3.6 and our excellent customer support than ever before. It is always uplifting to hear face to face feedback that supports our efforts and hard work. Users really liked the improved security, session based memberships, and we had many inquiries about expanding hours with our new door access feature. Par for the course were enthusiastic customers interested in adding electronic funds transfer (EFT), credit card processing and the email Retention Managment system which are integrated to the iGo Figure software. Thank you, Curves! We are looking forward to seeing you all again at the regional events this Spring.

Kyle Z.

July 1, 2008

New installations of Version 3.6

I just received an email from one of our users in the United Kingdom, Daryl Chapman. He wrote it after having an onsite install and training of the new version by Go Figure’s very own, Angela Clinton. Angela is a technical support lead and customer advocate at Go Figure. Here’s what Daryl said:

“Angela was fantastic. She really knows her onions and gave total confidence… She is a total credit to your company. Both myself and my staff are delighted with v3.6.22 It’s a great piece of software and will undoubtedly save us time and money and also help with retention and gaining new members. Well done to all your development team. I also love the way it has been ‘Brianized’. Good to look at and logical to navigate around. The online support and training systems are also first class.”

Incidentally, Brian is our graphic artist who plays a significant role in the user interface design of the software. After he has designed something that looks great, we call it, “Brianized”!

Those were some very kind words from one of our overseas users that I just felt like sharing with everyone.

Kind regards,

June 26, 2008

The Loveable Lead Bag

By: Kyle Zagrodzky

A Simple Tool that Creates Visibility for Your Business

Throughout my years of owning fitness centers, I found one tool to be more helpful than any other in boosting memberships at my clubs: the lead bag.

To me, a lead bag has always been a beautiful thing, so simple and always giving back more to me than I have to give in both time and money. Club owners and managers often underestimate the power of this very simple concept. I’d like to help you see how you can use it to your advantage.

Try to think about the lead bag as an eye-catching billboard. If your bag is too busy or bland it will have less of an impact. Furthermore, some people aren’t comfortable putting their personal information in the bag. Don’t let that discourage you. Whether a person completes a lead form, the bag still works its magic. You are creating “top-of-mind awareness” about your business. People will think of you the next time they consider joining a fitness center.

Read the entire article for tips on:

Lead Bag

  • Creating your bags
  • Planning distribution
  • Distributing them
  • Following up

You’ll be glad you did!

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