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November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I’d like to give thanks for:

1.  Our AWESOME customers

2.  The AWESOME iGo Figure Software Team

3.  The world’s best Fitness Club Management Software – iGo 360

4.  Cats

5.  Cub scouts

6.  Our great country

7.  Family, friends and everyone else who has had a positive impact on my life

8.  Thanksgiving dinner.  Not just any Thanksgiving dinner, but the one with turkey, dressing. gravy. mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, Janie’s apple pie for dessert, and an Aggie win.

9.  Did I already say that I’m thankful for the best fitness club billing software in the world?

10.  A good joke that makes me laugh so hard that I cry.

Have a great Thanksgiving!



October 29, 2014

Club Industry 2014 Vendor Fair

I tried to shoot a video walkthrough of the vendor fair at last weeks Club Industry Show in Chicago.

My memory card maxed out so I only covered about half of it.

In short, there were great vendors there, which can be a terrific value-add for fitness club owners wanting to evaluate different products for their fitness club.

Club Industry is no IHRSA, however.  While it has a good sampling of vendors, the mack daddy of all trade shows is IHRSA (In LA this March); its waaaaay bigger and has many more vendors (at least 10 times as many).  If you can’t make that, then Club Industry will do.

Of course, the world’s best fitness club management software was on discplay at the show – iGo360






Club Industry 2014

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Just returned from the Club Industry trade show in Chicago.

Chicago is a great town for a fitness trade show. No good trade shows in that part of the country, so this show draws a crowd from Illinois and all the surounding states.  Club owners who can’t make IHRSA in the spring attend as well, so while the crowd is mostly regional, the show pulls attendees from all over the country.

Thank you to all who stopped by. It was great meeting you and also catching up with our other trade show friends.

Check out my video interview here:

I’m talking about the world’s best fitness club management software, iGo 360, of course.