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October 31, 2014

How to Be Great at Gym Membership Sales

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Great article in this month’s Club Insider written by Jim Thomas.  If you don’t know Jim, trust me, he knows what he is talking about.

Here’s his list:

1.  You must be sold yourself.  If you don’t genuinely believe that your’s is the best gym, you won’t be as effective selling it.  When managing your sales team, alwasy reinforce the mantra that your gym is the best.

2.  Passion.  Belief.  Conviction.

3.  Be unreasonable.  Refuse be swayed by any excuse not to join your gym.

4.  If you’re not hitting your numbers, you’re not sold.

5.  If YOU have excuses, you’re not sold.  ”We’re too expensive”, “this is a slow time of year.”  Get those out of your head.

6.  The most important sale you will ever make is to yourself.

7.  The idea of you being sold must be 100% and you must work at it.

Seems to be a common theme here – be convinced in your product/your gym.

After almost 20 years in the fitness business developing and selling the best fitness club management software in the world, we’ve met and spoken with literally thousands and thousands of fitness club owners around the world.  There is a litany of advice and perspective we’ve gained in this process.  Probably the most important is to close the sale when the prospect is in your club.  If your marketing efforts are working, prospects will visit your club to see if they want to join.  That is the time to close the sale.  The minute that prospect walks out the door, the likelihood of closing that sale just dropped by 80%.  Really.

So believe in your gym.  Sell yourself on your gym.  And don’t let that prospect walk out the door without joining your gym!

You can check out the full article here:



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