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July 31, 2014

The Best Video Game Ever

Filed under: fitness club software, fitness software — Tags: — MattZ @ 7:57 pm

Wouldn’t it be great if they invented video games that integrate exercise so your kids (and you) could exercise  instead of sitting on the couch all day?

News flash:  They did a long time ago.  Wii Fit U by Nintendo and Microsoft Xbox One with Kinect have great fitness games.  The key they have not cracked yet is how to make them popular.

The recent study in the link below tests and rates the games.  Generally, the games concentrate on balancing skills, cardio and mortor-neuro training.  They also offer assessments how you improve over time.  Check the table in the link to see the fitness goals each system has to offer.

Wii Fit U detects body weight and applied forces and several categories with games that focus on balancing, dance, yoga, aerobics. and strength training.

Xbox One can measure your heart rate without having to wear a monitor and tracks movement accuracy.  It issues challenges to help motivate your workouts.

Personally, I think it’s a great that the gaming companies are trying this.  Now if I can get them to make a Minecraft mod, then maybe they will actually become interested….

Who knows, maybe it can be a new feature for iGo 360, the world’s best fitness club management software.;_ylt=AwrTWfw.0NpTIWoAUzTQtDMD



June 19, 2014

Hey Buddy, Can you Spare $6 million?

I can’t.  And apparently the Gold’s Gym of Oxnard can’t either.

That gym was hit with a $6 Million judgment for basically being jerks when members wanted to cancel their memberships.  The gym is now in bankruptcy.  See the article here:

Too bad, really.  With all the great member retention features built into club management software these days, there really is no need to engage in those sorts of tactics any more.  So instead of locking members into contracts they can’t escape, you’ll have members that want to be members.

If you have not checked out iGo360, the world’s best fitness club software, you should.  It has all kinds of great member retention tools to help you keep you members longer.



June 10, 2014

Battle of the Bulge

Filed under: cloud, fitness club software — MattZ @ 10:45 am

Looks like we suffered a significant loss in the Battle of the Bulge.  This article claims research shows long term weight loss is near impossible without surgery.!/content/1.2663585

Considering the results we’ve seen in gyms around the world over the years, I find this hard to believe.

If you’re tracking your members’ results in your fitness club management software, you’ll know this to be false too.

If your club management software does not do that, then its time to switch to the best cloud-based gym management software in the world, iGo 360!



June 9, 2014

Another Reason Why Cloud based gym management software matters

Filed under: cloud, fitness club software — Tags: — MattZ @ 10:43 am

Seems like we hear a lot about the conveniences of cloud-based software.  You can access it from anywhere there is an internet connection, on your phone or on a tablet.

This video gives an example of another good reason to use a cloud-based club management software:  You never know when a tornado might rip through your gym and destroy your computer:

While their computer may not have been lost in this storm, lots of things can take out your computer.

Yet another great reason to consider the world’s best cloud-based fitness club management software – iGo 360!

If you stick with your client based software, don’t forget to regularly back up your data offsite



June 4, 2014

I had a gut feeling about that

Filed under: Uncategorized, fitness club software — MattZ @ 8:29 am

My wife has always preached to me about probiotics and how they help the digestive tract.

This is a good article on the importance of all that and when it develops.

This made me think of how many people make decisions based on a gut feeling. Have to admit I do too.  When I thought about it, I realized my gut feeling decisions are usually based on a heck of a lot of research, data and personal experiences.

Gut feelings based on limited or no data at all tend not to work out as well as a gut feeling supported by a research and knowledge.

When you decide to implement the best fitness club software to run your facility, do the research.  Determine what’s best for you.  Then go with your gut.



June 3, 2014

Does your Gym need rescuing?

Filed under: Gym Management Software, fitness club software — MattZ @ 12:41 pm

Saw this article and thought I’d pas it along.  Seems like they’ll make a reality TV show out of anything these days.

If you feel like your gym needs rescuing, you might want to look at the fitness club management software your using. There’s all kinds of horns and whistles available these days to help you gain more members or keep your members longer.  Check with training to see if there are any features you’re not using that might help.  If the features you need aren’t there, consider upgrading to the best gym management software in the world!



March 31, 2014

If you’re still using Windows XP, you need to read this

Filed under: fitness club software — MattZ @ 2:59 pm
If you have not heard, Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows XP April 8.
Its been a solid OS for many years, but its 13 years old.
So why does Microsoft’s support of XP really matter?   Answer:  Hackers are going to have a field day.  Many Windows updates are security related – i.e., plugging a whole some hacker has exploited.  Without the updates, you’re exposed.
Using an awesome cloud based fitness club management software like iGo 360 is great, but you’re still exposed if the computer you’re using it on has XP.
Take a look at the options available  and pick the one you like best.  If you have not done a Windows installation, you should call your computer tech for help.  Good luck!

March 17, 2014

The Coolest Thing at IHRSA

Filed under: Gym Management Software, Uncategorized, fitness club software — MattZ @ 2:13 pm

Just returned from the IHRSA trade show in San Diego last week.

The show is ginormous.  Hundreds and hundreds of exhibitors were there showing off the latest in fitness.

With so much to see, you might think I have an opinion on the coolest new fitness concept.  Unfortunately, we were so busy the entire time, I did not have a chance to walk the trade show floor!

From our perspective, the crowd response to our new member portal was the coolest.  Once people saw how easy it is for a member to schedule PT or group classes right from their phone, or pay a bill, or buy more PT class credits. they were blown away.  They also loved the clean easy-to-use look of iGo 360 – screen shots of the iGo 360 dashboard and member portal below.

If you think of another cool feature you’d like to see in our new iGo 360 Fitness Club Management software, let us know and we’ll see if we can add it.



iGo 360 Fitness Club Management Software dashboard view

iGo 360 Gym Management Software - screen shot of Member Portal

November 25, 2013

Athletic Business Conference 2013

Filed under: fitness club software — MattZ @ 4:40 pm

Great time at the Athletic Business Conference last week.  San Diego is always a great place to visit.

If we missed seeing you, don’t worry, we’ll be back in San Diego for the IHRSA show next March demonstrating more great features of the  iGo 360 fitness club software!


Matt Z

March 1, 2013

Attendance Anywhere is here! (finally)

Filed under: Multiple Club Owners, fitness club software — Tags: — MattZ @ 2:35 pm

Attention multi-club owners:

The Attendance Anywhere feature is here!!  Yay!

What this means to you:

When a member joins one of your clubs, you can set it up so she/he can scan in and work out at your other clubs.

As usual, this feature is available to you AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Release one is available to client-based customers, and an internet connection is required.

Happy Easter!

Matt Z

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