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October 29, 2014

Club Industry 2014 Vendor Fair

I tried to shoot a video walkthrough of the vendor fair at last weeks Club Industry Show in Chicago.

My memory card maxed out so I only covered about half of it.

In short, there were great vendors there, which can be a terrific value-add for fitness club owners wanting to evaluate different products for their fitness club.

Club Industry is no IHRSA, however.  While it has a good sampling of vendors, the mack daddy of all trade shows is IHRSA (In LA this March); its waaaaay bigger and has many more vendors (at least 10 times as many).  If you can’t make that, then Club Industry will do.

Of course, the world’s best fitness club management software was on discplay at the show – iGo360






Club Industry 2014

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Just returned from the Club Industry trade show in Chicago.

Chicago is a great town for a fitness trade show. No good trade shows in that part of the country, so this show draws a crowd from Illinois and all the surounding states.  Club owners who can’t make IHRSA in the spring attend as well, so while the crowd is mostly regional, the show pulls attendees from all over the country.

Thank you to all who stopped by. It was great meeting you and also catching up with our other trade show friends.

Check out my video interview here:

I’m talking about the world’s best fitness club management software, iGo 360, of course.






October 20, 2009

Club Industry Chicago

I just returned from the Club Industry Show in Chicago.  Visiting Chicago is always a great time; the pizza is great and I get the opportunity to see my Grandmother.

The show itself was good.  It appeared there were fewer vendors there than last year.  And many had smaller booths.  But there was a good crowd of club owners and managers looking to imporve their club management software or buy other equipment.  Many who stopped by loved our new web based software and the new features we have been adding.

Dr. Sean Groves and several other customers stopped by to visit.

More and more people were asking about PCI compliance and what that means.  FYI, its a data security standard that the credit card industry set to ensure software applications that process payments are securely storing your customers’ data.  Its amazing how many vendors out there are not PCI compliant.  If your fitness club management software provider is not PCI compliant, give us a call and we will be happy to help secure your member data; the iGo Figure has been certified PCI compliant for more than a year.

The other buzz-worthy item is Go Figure’s $.10 EFT processing.  When most people see it, they don’t believe it.  So many others charge 1-5% plus $.40 or more to process an EFT transaction.  When club owners hear we can do it for a dime, they hug me!



October 14, 2009

See you at Club Industry Chicago

I’m leaving this week for the Club Industry Show in Chicago.  If you are in the area, stop by and visit.  I’d be happy to show you the latest features available in iGo Figure’s Membership Management Software.   You can also register to win a free iPod!



March 20, 2009

IHRSA 2009 Was Great!

The IHRSA 2009 Convention was held in San Francisco March 17 – 19. I and members of our sales and marketing team attended. This convention is one of the largest in the fitness industry, and it showcases products from hundreds of vendors.

The convention was terrific. Many customers stopped by to say “hi”, and many more club owners stopped by to pick up a free trial version of the iGo Figure fitness club management software.  Club owners from many countries stopped by; we were lucky Cereyda attended; she is bi-lingual, and she spoke with many Spanish-speaking club owners.

Attendance was less than last year’s show; though booth traffic was steady throughout the show.  The club owners we met seemed to be optimistic about the year.  And they were especially happy about our $.10 EFT offering.

There was also quite a buzz about our two newest features:

  1. Web Hosted Version – Go Figure launched its web-hosted version at the IHRSA show this week.  The same great iGo Figure fitness club management software is now available online!
  2. PCI Compliance certification – As explained in a previous blog entry, the iGo Figure club management software is certified compliant with credit card industry data security requirements.

We also ran into the folks at Retention Management. Rich and Jack said for me to tell everyone they said “Hi!” For those who don’t know, we integrated their member retention service to the iGo Figure Software about two years ago, and many of our customers who have tried love it. If you have not signed up for it yet, you should check it out – its a great way to retain your members.

The show was a great success, and we’re looking forward to attending the 2010 Convention. Hope to see you there!

Matt Z

March 3, 2009

See you at IHRSA!

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I just looked at my calendar and noticed the IHRSA convention in San Francisco is only 2 weeks away. My how time flies.

If you happen to be in San Francisco (March 16 – 19), stop by our booth and say “Hi.”  We’d be happy to show you the latest features of our fitness club management software, answer any questions you may have, or just catch up.

If you want a free pass to the event or more details, email and they will set you up.



October 19, 2008

Club Industry 2008 – Chicago

Ronnie and I just returned from a terrific time at the Club Industry Fitness trade show in Chicago.  Many many customers stopped by to check out the new features of Go Figure’s club management software.  Sean Groves with Great Lakes Health and Fitness absolutely loved the touch screen functionality and how easy it was to navigate through the software with it.  I think the feature most people were interested in was the $.10 EFT processing.  It seems with the uncertainty of the economy, club owners just don’t want to give away their money to process payments any more.  Glad we’re able to help!

A handful of club owners from Central and South America loved the Spanish language version too.

It was great seeing Rich, Jack and the rest of the Retention Management crowd.


Matt Z

August 28, 2008

CANFITPRO was Awesome!

I recently returned from the CanFitPro (Canadian Fitness Professionals) tradeshow in Toronto. In summary, it was a GREAT convention!

The show’s primary attendees were personal trainers, and if you ever want to be motivated to exercise more, then I recommend you attend that show. They are a great group of highly dedicated people that I enjoyed getting to know once more. Several Go Figure customers stopped by too to say “hi” and were very excited to hear about the newly integrated Canadian EFT and credit card processing and French translation.

This year I was awarded a speaking opportunity at the event, which went so well that I was invited to speak again next year! I am very excited about the opportunity to explain the experiences I had managing and owning nine fitness clubs, and how all of the knowledge I acquired is poured into the iGo Figure club management software.

This was iGo Figure’s second year to attend CanFitPro, and we’re certainly looking forward to next year’s event.