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October 31, 2014

How to Be Great at Gym Membership Sales

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Great article in this month’s Club Insider written by Jim Thomas.  If you don’t know Jim, trust me, he knows what he is talking about.

Here’s his list:

1.  You must be sold yourself.  If you don’t genuinely believe that your’s is the best gym, you won’t be as effective selling it.  When managing your sales team, alwasy reinforce the mantra that your gym is the best.

2.  Passion.  Belief.  Conviction.

3.  Be unreasonable.  Refuse be swayed by any excuse not to join your gym.

4.  If you’re not hitting your numbers, you’re not sold.

5.  If YOU have excuses, you’re not sold.  ”We’re too expensive”, “this is a slow time of year.”  Get those out of your head.

6.  The most important sale you will ever make is to yourself.

7.  The idea of you being sold must be 100% and you must work at it.

Seems to be a common theme here – be convinced in your product/your gym.

After almost 20 years in the fitness business developing and selling the best fitness club management software in the world, we’ve met and spoken with literally thousands and thousands of fitness club owners around the world.  There is a litany of advice and perspective we’ve gained in this process.  Probably the most important is to close the sale when the prospect is in your club.  If your marketing efforts are working, prospects will visit your club to see if they want to join.  That is the time to close the sale.  The minute that prospect walks out the door, the likelihood of closing that sale just dropped by 80%.  Really.

So believe in your gym.  Sell yourself on your gym.  And don’t let that prospect walk out the door without joining your gym!

You can check out the full article here:



March 1, 2011

$3 Billboards bring in New Members!

15 Minute Club Management Video Tip – Vol 7

This week: $3 Billboards bring in New Members! Boosting memberships with lead bags is simple and gives you back more than you invest. Club owners and managers often underestimate the power of this very simple concept. Let Kyle Zagrodzky (iGo Figure Software President) show you how to bring in new members. Watch Vol 7 Now!

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May 21, 2010

Win in Any Economy, with a “Member Loyalty-Centric” Corporate Culture

In times of recession “Service Means Survival”, but keep in mind the difference between customer satisfaction and loyalty is significant:
Member Satisfaction means meeting a member’s expectations and the member does not feel valued. There is no memorable “WOW” experience. As a result the member will be more price sensitive and consider competitors’ offerings. Member Loyalty  means exceeding member expectations and he/ she does feel valued. Delivering a memorable experience that WOW’s the member. As a result the member will be a long-term customer, less concerned with price.

How do you drive a Member Loyalty-Centric Corporate Culture?

  1. It must start with an unwavering commitment by club ownership and senior management.
  2. Hire people who have an ingrained passion for serving people exceptionally well.
  3. Develop and train all staff who interact with members on “best practices” based on members’ wants, not the club’s convenience. Everything that impacts a member experience. Ask “What would WOW me?” When did you receive exceptional customer service – How did it make you feel? How did it affect your shopping habits at that store? How many people did you share it with?
  4. Don’t allow staff to use the word “policy,” as 99% of the time upon hearing that word, a member knows he/ she is about to be given an excuse as to why his/ her need will not be met. Train employees on how to innovatively problem-solve to say yes vs. giving excuses for saying no.
  5. Coach staff to view angry members as an opportunity to convert them to members for life: teach them how to use “mirroring” to diffuse anger, then go the extra mile to exceed their expectations.
  6. Ask for examples of “memorable experiences” and “exceeding member expectations” at every staff meeting. Hold employees accountable for achieving them, and give rewards to those who do.
  7. Don’t cut expenses that negatively impact quality service delivery for short-term financial gain. That will cost the company much more in lost revenues and profits over the long term.

Reasons to implement a Member Loyalty-Centric Corporate Culture?

  1. It’s far less expensive to keep a member than acquire a new one.
  2. Positive word of mouth by loyal members generate far more new members than cold calling and other lead generation efforts – and it’s free.
  3. A negative member experience will be told to at least 10 people (oftentimes many more), resulting in potential lost new members; and
  4. The lifetime $ sales value (“LSV”) of a loyal member can be as much as 20 years and in addition the cumulative LSV of all new members he/ she refers.

You can start by writing a short “Congrats” or “Great hair cut” message to individual members. Simply utilize the Member Welcome Screen in the iGo Figure Software.
It will put a smile on your member’s face, when they see that you remembered. Never forget, member retention is key!

It’s all about the way people feel when they walk into your club – happy, comfortable, special.

Get started today!

Matt Z.


February 23, 2010

Get Smart! 10 Ways to Beat the Competition

Back in 1995 there were approximately 12,500 commercial fitness centers in the United States. Since 2008, there are more than 29,000! One recent authority suggests the following ten ways to recharge your club and set it apart from the competition:

1. Get Fresh. “Store Blindness” is an affliction that besets everyone who lives or works in the same space. After a while, we don’t notice the worn carpets, the tired colors, the clutter behind the front desk, etc. A first-time visitor will notice any of those immediately. Whenever a strong competitor enters the market, it is imperative that clubs undergo a 360-degree examination. Get Fresh with a club makeover!

2. Get Connected. “Connectivity” may be the #1 advantage that existing clubs enjoy over powerful, new entrants into the market. So get started! Connect through the iGo Figure Software by sending a message to a member through your welcome screen, create a Facebook page for your club and/or sign-up for Go Figure’s free Retention Management trial. You will love the results! “Connectivity” is the basic reason why some neighborhood restaurants and coffee shops that may have flawed operations succeed year after year. Get connected with iGo Connect!

3. Get United. Being faced with an imminent threat from a new club allows your club to accelerate in the pursuit of better performance. Whenever a new competitor announces its entry into your market, you have an opportunity to unite your staff in the pursuit of a higher level of performance and excellence across the board.  A motivated and mobilized staff becomes the ultimate asset, the ultimate weapon with which you can win the battle. Get United and show off your team!

For the rest of the list, visit:

Let’s beat your competition together!

Always happy to help,

Matt Z


February 9, 2010

Monitoring your kids BMI, Blood Pressure, High Glucose Levels is important

Studies of the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine have proven a child’s BMI, blood pressure, blood fat and sugar levels can be predictors of future diabetes. Since the 1970s two groups of 1,067 girls followed for nine years after age 9 or 10, and a second group of 822 girls followed for 22 to 30 years beginning in the mid-1970s have been studied. The first group’s showed a risk for diabetes at age 19 if their parents had diabetes, in addition to high levels of systolic blood pressure and insulin. The second group were likely to have diabetes at age 39 if they had high levels of blood pressure, body- mass index, glucose and triglycerides as a child.

Supporting this study does not only mean regular physical activity and healthy eating habits, but also monitoring stats such as your child’s BMI.

The iGo Figure Software keeps track of your BMI, many other body stats and motivates your physical fitness by making your activity count!

It’s good to prevent health problems together.


Matt Z

Article Source: IHRSA – Health Review Volume 8, Issue 8
To view this article source, simply subscribe to the IHRSA e-newsletters.

April 6, 2009

Web-Hosted iGo Figure is here!

We are very excited about the release of our web-hosted iGo Figure system. Now users can access iGo Figure from anywhere! With this system, data is more secure from hackers and data backups are stored in remote, secure data centers. Back-ups of each business’ data are made every 15 minutes!

Better customer support options and upgrades are just two of the benefits our customers will receive.  Support issues caused by viruses, corrupted MS Windows operating systems, and data corrupted by power outages will be a thing of the past.

Already we have both existing and new customers flocking to this solution. The industries we serve have waited a long time for Go Figure to come out with something they can use online and now it’s finally here. Users that have been using our installed client application will be able to easily migrate their data to the web-hosted version without any issues. Because the web-hosted version uses the same user interface as our installed version, the learning curve is minimal. There will be more to come on this topic very soon!

March 20, 2009

IHRSA 2009 Was Great!

The IHRSA 2009 Convention was held in San Francisco March 17 – 19. I and members of our sales and marketing team attended. This convention is one of the largest in the fitness industry, and it showcases products from hundreds of vendors.

The convention was terrific. Many customers stopped by to say “hi”, and many more club owners stopped by to pick up a free trial version of the iGo Figure fitness club management software.  Club owners from many countries stopped by; we were lucky Cereyda attended; she is bi-lingual, and she spoke with many Spanish-speaking club owners.

Attendance was less than last year’s show; though booth traffic was steady throughout the show.  The club owners we met seemed to be optimistic about the year.  And they were especially happy about our $.10 EFT offering.

There was also quite a buzz about our two newest features:

  1. Web Hosted Version – Go Figure launched its web-hosted version at the IHRSA show this week.  The same great iGo Figure fitness club management software is now available online!
  2. PCI Compliance certification – As explained in a previous blog entry, the iGo Figure club management software is certified compliant with credit card industry data security requirements.

We also ran into the folks at Retention Management. Rich and Jack said for me to tell everyone they said “Hi!” For those who don’t know, we integrated their member retention service to the iGo Figure Software about two years ago, and many of our customers who have tried love it. If you have not signed up for it yet, you should check it out – its a great way to retain your members.

The show was a great success, and we’re looking forward to attending the 2010 Convention. Hope to see you there!

Matt Z

March 4, 2009

iGo Figure Club Management Software Now Vista Certified!

The iGo Figure club management software is now Microsoft Vista certified!


Matt Z

December 9, 2008

Athletic Business Conference in San Antonio

We attended the Athletic Business Conference in San Antonio this past weekend. I always love having the opportunity to meet with current and perspective clients to see how things are going.

Lots of folks stopped by the booth to check out our latest version or to just say “Hi”.  The biggest buzz seemed to be about the web-based version of our club management software, due to be released in Q1 2009. There was a lot of interest.

We look forward to attending the ABC again!


Matt Z

August 20, 2008

Customers in the News

I read an article about Curves in Portsmouth, NH promoting an open house:

Curves has invitation for you

The interesting idea club owner Marylin had was to cross promote the open house with other businesess; in this case a personal style consultant and local salon were also present to give tips and free promos.  Great idea to generate new members!


Matt Z

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