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November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I’d like to give thanks for:

1.  Our AWESOME customers

2.  The AWESOME iGo Figure Software Team

3.  The world’s best Fitness Club Management Software – iGo 360

4.  Cats

5.  Cub scouts

6.  Our great country

7.  Family, friends and everyone else who has had a positive impact on my life

8.  Thanksgiving dinner.  Not just any Thanksgiving dinner, but the one with turkey, dressing. gravy. mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, Janie’s apple pie for dessert, and an Aggie win.

9.  Did I already say that I’m thankful for the best fitness club billing software in the world?

10.  A good joke that makes me laugh so hard that I cry.

Have a great Thanksgiving!



October 31, 2014

How to Be Great at Gym Membership Sales

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Great article in this month’s Club Insider written by Jim Thomas.  If you don’t know Jim, trust me, he knows what he is talking about.

Here’s his list:

1.  You must be sold yourself.  If you don’t genuinely believe that your’s is the best gym, you won’t be as effective selling it.  When managing your sales team, alwasy reinforce the mantra that your gym is the best.

2.  Passion.  Belief.  Conviction.

3.  Be unreasonable.  Refuse be swayed by any excuse not to join your gym.

4.  If you’re not hitting your numbers, you’re not sold.

5.  If YOU have excuses, you’re not sold.  ”We’re too expensive”, “this is a slow time of year.”  Get those out of your head.

6.  The most important sale you will ever make is to yourself.

7.  The idea of you being sold must be 100% and you must work at it.

Seems to be a common theme here – be convinced in your product/your gym.

After almost 20 years in the fitness business developing and selling the best fitness club management software in the world, we’ve met and spoken with literally thousands and thousands of fitness club owners around the world.  There is a litany of advice and perspective we’ve gained in this process.  Probably the most important is to close the sale when the prospect is in your club.  If your marketing efforts are working, prospects will visit your club to see if they want to join.  That is the time to close the sale.  The minute that prospect walks out the door, the likelihood of closing that sale just dropped by 80%.  Really.

So believe in your gym.  Sell yourself on your gym.  And don’t let that prospect walk out the door without joining your gym!

You can check out the full article here:



June 19, 2014

Hey Buddy, Can you Spare $6 million?

I can’t.  And apparently the Gold’s Gym of Oxnard can’t either.

That gym was hit with a $6 Million judgment for basically being jerks when members wanted to cancel their memberships.  The gym is now in bankruptcy.  See the article here:

Too bad, really.  With all the great member retention features built into club management software these days, there really is no need to engage in those sorts of tactics any more.  So instead of locking members into contracts they can’t escape, you’ll have members that want to be members.

If you have not checked out iGo360, the world’s best fitness club software, you should.  It has all kinds of great member retention tools to help you keep you members longer.



June 4, 2014

I had a gut feeling about that

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My wife has always preached to me about probiotics and how they help the digestive tract.

This is a good article on the importance of all that and when it develops.

This made me think of how many people make decisions based on a gut feeling. Have to admit I do too.  When I thought about it, I realized my gut feeling decisions are usually based on a heck of a lot of research, data and personal experiences.

Gut feelings based on limited or no data at all tend not to work out as well as a gut feeling supported by a research and knowledge.

When you decide to implement the best fitness club software to run your facility, do the research.  Determine what’s best for you.  Then go with your gut.



March 17, 2014

The Coolest Thing at IHRSA

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Just returned from the IHRSA trade show in San Diego last week.

The show is ginormous.  Hundreds and hundreds of exhibitors were there showing off the latest in fitness.

With so much to see, you might think I have an opinion on the coolest new fitness concept.  Unfortunately, we were so busy the entire time, I did not have a chance to walk the trade show floor!

From our perspective, the crowd response to our new member portal was the coolest.  Once people saw how easy it is for a member to schedule PT or group classes right from their phone, or pay a bill, or buy more PT class credits. they were blown away.  They also loved the clean easy-to-use look of iGo 360 – screen shots of the iGo 360 dashboard and member portal below.

If you think of another cool feature you’d like to see in our new iGo 360 Fitness Club Management software, let us know and we’ll see if we can add it.



iGo 360 Fitness Club Management Software dashboard view

iGo 360 Gym Management Software - screen shot of Member Portal

April 11, 2013

Vision…the Future of Health Care and Fitness

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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and how it relates to the fitness industry

• You, the health or fitness club owner, must comply as an employer
• More members may look for assistance from your fitness club.

What’s in it for you?
When the PPACA goes into effect in 2014, it could create opportunities for the health club industry. Why? Employers and health insurance providers are offering incentives to folks who pursue a healthier lifestyle, which should lessen their need for expensive medical treatments. The result could be that individuals, business owners and health providers will look for programs that can assist them in those efforts. The PPACA will create a need for personal trainers and lifestyle coaches – folks who can guide individuals to make better nutritional, exercise and lifestyle choices.

How to prepare?
Differentiation! Think wellness instead of work-outs.
“We have completely differentiated ourselves in our market so when people talk about our business, they do not even think we are in the fitness business anymore—they think we are in the wellness business,” says Mike Benton, owner of the Executive Health and Sports Club in Manchester, NH. They are preparing for the PPACA by offering a full-service spa, an urgent care facility, occupational health services, physical therapy, programming for chronic disease management, a registered dietician along with the standard equipment and programming available in a fitness facility.

I mean, really, is the equipment to treat an overweight diabetic any different from your equipment in your fitness club? “Every health club in America is in a perfect opportunity and a perfect place because all the chronic disease risk-related issues can be addressed in part inside the fitness center environment,” says Jason Conviser, president of JMC & Associates, a Glencoe, IL-based consulting firm specializing in developing relationships between health care and health clubs.

Think long-term vision for your payback. And, as you implement the plan for your members, they will follow along with your plan and your club! Just think of it as a preventive care for YOUR club! If you do not become part of the health care continuum, one of your competitors likely will.

Excerpts from Club Industry Magazine, Feb 2013

February 6, 2013

Retaining Your Membership

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Certainly you have seen your membership grow in January!  Statistics show that January has the highest growth rate of members for fitness and health club facilities.  Yes, we all want to start the new year with a positive outlook, get fit & stick to those new year’s resolutions.  Great, but how do you keep those new members after January when the positive outlook wears off, the muscles start aching and the Valentines candy starts looking better than pumping iron and sweatin to the oldies?

A huge problem in the health club industry is how to RETAIN the membership.  Keeping in mind that attrition cuts straight to the bottom line, here are a few tips on how to keep those members loyal and keep them coming in to your fitness club.

Set clear goals

  • Outline a 1, 2 or 6 month progress chart
  • Set a goal for the number of workouts to reach

Track member’s progress and offer a reward to those members who have accomplished their goals.  A little goes a long way here!  One fitness club awards t-shirts to celebrate a members 500th workout with great success. Recognizing a member’s milestone will foster loyalty and motivate them to continue working out, to continue to come to your club.

How do you keep track of this?  iGo Figure software helps you easily monitor your members progress.  You, the health club owner, can pull up a report or have it listed in the members account when they check in.

Interested in more tips? Then, please click here to watch videos on more tips and inspirations from the iGo Figure President, Kyle Zagrodsky.

January 15, 2013

Get Fit in the New Year with our 30-day Free Trial

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Happy  2013 to all our readers!!!

  1. A firm decision to do or not to do something.
  2. A formal expression of opinion or intention agreed on by a legislative body, committee, or other formal meeting

Synonyms:  decision – determination – resolve – solution

We all make them, some follow through, some don’t.  Make a decision this year to get fit with your health club by managing your membership!  Not only does iGoFigure software help you effortlessly manage your members, it helps you manage your fitness club business!  Which makes your life easier, so you have more time to put your new year’s resolutions to practice, like download those 13,499 song titles, alphabetize your recipe file and be nicer to your mother-in-law.

Make us a part of your solution!  You know what to do…don’t be afraid of the click!

Please click here to start your 30-day free trial of iGo Figure Membership & Business Management Software.  Find out why thousands of fitness facilities worldwide trust us!


December 13, 2012

Managing-Up with Your Members

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I saw this at one of our customers gym’s last week. Come on, you have thought of it too, but just didn’t say it!!!

November 29, 2012

News for the Fitness Industry

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  LateralX from Octane Fitness Named Best Elliptical By Club IndustryThe LateralX from Octane Fitness, was recently awarded the Best Elliptical Award in Club Industry magazine’s 10th annual Best of the Best Awards in the health club and fitness industry.

The Best of the Best Awards usually focus on health club programming, but this year, Club Industry also chose to present awards to industry vendors, who submited applications in four categories: ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes and club management software. After 3 finalists were voted on by the industry, a panel of health club operators selected the winners.

Go Figure attends the Club Industry trade show annually to display the latest technologies in  fitness club management software. This year, while we weren’t on the sales floor, we had a chance to check out the LateralX. 

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